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There are a number of ways to be part of Surf Life Saving, that don’t involve performing rescues as a surf lifesaver.

Opportunities range from becoming a Nippers Age Manager (instructor), helping lifesavers with first aid and radio operations, to administration and fundraising for the club. You could even help out with the weekend barbeque. The possibilities are endless and some clubs even offer social memberships. 

To find out how you can volunteer your time, contact Surf Life Saving WA on 08 9207 6666 or via .

Parent Members

Parents are a vital resource for all clubs and without our parents giving up their time and offering their skills and expertise our junior programs simply would not work. Surf Life Saving WA offers all parents the opportunity to develop themselves and to be involved with the junior program and other aspects of their club at any level that interests them.

For those that enjoy being involved with the juniors, parents are encouraged to complete the Age Managers course or complete their Surf Rescue Certificate to become qualified water safety personnel. For parents who like competition, after completing the relevant awards, they are able to compete in a wide range of events and competitions either in the Open Category or Masters.

Those parents who have an education background or enjoy education, there are many opportunities for parents to become Training Officers and Assessors for Surf Life Saving WA.

Clubs are always in need of an extra pair of hands when cooking sausage sizzles or organizing a social event. This is also a great way to be involved within a club and meet new people and enjoy a fun and healthy atmosphere with your family.

Other ways to get involved

Occasional Helper
Surf Life Saving clubs are always looking for people to help out with occasional work like cooking BBQ’s, helping in the canteen, helping in the shop and various other events. There are no special skills required for these tasks and all help is greatly appreciated. Contact your club to see what is available and needed.

Age Manager
All age groups require an Age Manager to conduct the activities that are available for juniors during the season. It is highly recommended that those parents who take on the role of an Age Manager complete an Age Managers Course. The Age Managers course is available every year and is advertised on the SLSWA website. There are no special skills required for this role prior to attending the Age Managers course.

Competition Official
Competition officials work at our state surf sport scarnivals and assist with the running of the event. There are many different tasks that are required to be completed at a carnival like marshalling competitors, starting races, recording results, setting the courses and more. To be eligible to become an official, you are required to complete a Competition Officials course and they are conducted by SLSWA and are advertised on the website. There are no special skills required for this role prior to completing the Competition Officials course.

Education Awards
SLSWA offers education awards that will enhance your ability to assist in first aid or resuscitation. Depending on the fee structure of your club, there is a possibility to learn about and earn the Resuscitation Certificate and Basic Emergency Care. There are no prerequisites for these awards.

You can also complete a Surf Rescue Certificate which will enable you to assist the club with water safety during junior activities and at carnivals. You need to complete a 200 metre swim in five minutes or less prior to start of the course. There are many other education awards available to surf club members. Please contact your club to see what is available.

Club committees
Clubs are always looking for people to become members of committees within their clubs. The committees range from junior, youth, competition, education and many others. These roles assist in the running of the different areas of the club and provide updates and information for the executive committee, who oversee the management of the whole club. There are no special skills required for these positions but there may be a requirement to have some basic knowledge about the subject matter of the committee.

Club Executive Committee
All clubs are run under the guidance of their Executive Committee. These roles are usually taken on by members who have experience in specific areas like management, finance and leadership. If you are interested in assisting the club at this level, it is recommended that you speak to the club president to discuss the process and what may be available.

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