You probably wouldn’t jump behind the wheel of a car without completing driving lessons and learning about road hazards; nor would you start trekking up a mountain without first assessing the possible threats and whether you’re even physically fit enough to climb it.

So with WA’s 12,500km of vast coastline full of potential risks and dangers, we really should be making sure we’re armed with all the necessary skills and tools before we start using it. Much like a car or a mountain, right?

So Surf Life Saving WA has developed BeachSAFE - a coastal aquatic safety initiative to help you, your friends, family, children, colleagues and even students become a little savvier on the beach. BeachSAFE is based around the four key principles of beach safety, being:

Surf Life Saving WA is committed to saving lives, so we want you all to be as safe as possible when you're at the beach.

So what's the back story?

But I know how to swim, so I'm sorted right?

I like stats, throw some numbers at me

Ok, I'm ready to get BeachSAFE

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