BeachSAFE: Aquatic Education

Surf Life Saving WA has surf lifesavers and lifeguards to supervise our beach-goers at 29 locations around WA; however WA is a big place with a large amount of coastline, which means it is virtually impossible to have every area supervised by lifesavers all the time.

So we need you – our beachgoers - to make sure you’re on your A-game when it comes to awareness and education at the beach. But don’t worry, you’re not on your own. Surf Life Saving WA has developed a number of programs and tools to make you the savviest beach-goers around.

  • Download the Beachsafe app - Seriously. It’s that easy. Go to the app store, search for Beachsafe and download the app. Then pick the beach you want to visit, and watch all the coastal safety information appear right there in the palm of your hand, from surf conditions, rips, beach closures and patrol areas. It's all right there for you to make an educated decision on what beach to go to and how to best enjoy the ocean.
  • Visit - If apps aren’t your thing, simply visit the Beachsafe website and get all that information on your computer before you set off on your day in the sun and sand.
  • School Programs - Hey teachers, this one's for you. Surf Life Saving WA has school programs covering a range of beach safety topics for your students, including coastal awareness and surf lifesaving sport. Lessons are conducted at school or at the beach and, better yet, cover curriculum requirements for WA school students. That’s good news for all you fine educators out there. School programs include:
    • BeachSAFE Presentation - this is a 45min presentation to students covering basic beach safety.
    • School Beach Activities - are a fun and interactive way to educate students on the important aspects of sun and beach safety, whilst increasing their skills and fitness in the water and on the beach. You can choose from a Mini Beach Day (1 x two-hour session), Beach Day (1 x four-hour session), Mini Beach Series (4 x one-hour sessions) or Beach Series (8 x one hour sessions).
    • School Cadets - The Surf Life Saving School Cadet Program offers students an exciting opportunity to get involved with Surf Life Saving, teaching them skills in first aid, communications, surf awareness, surf skills, resuscitation and leadership development. School Cadets gives students the opportunity to develop physically, intellectually and socially within our educational training programs.
  • Read The Signs - Safety signs are put up to educate our beachgoers about permanent and occasional hazards at that particular beach. Make sure you read them before hitting the sand and surf. If you need help knowing what the signs mean, we can help here.
  • Surf’s Up Holiday Program - Surf’s Up is a summer holiday program for kids aged between seven and 10 years, aimed at giving them further education and awareness of their surroundings at the beach. Over a three day period in January, participants learn about and enjoy the beach environment with fun games on the beach and in the water, under the supervision of fully qualified surf lifesavers. Book now.
  • Surf Life Saving clubs - There are 29 surf life saving clubs in WA, all of which give members a thorough understanding and knowledge of coastal safety. Each season, more than 8,000 children are enrolled in surf clubs, where they are progressively taught how to be BeachSAFE. If you are interested in joining a surf lifesaving club or enrolling your children in a surf club, find your nearest club here.
  • No club? No worries. Of course, not everyone wants to join a surf club. Perhaps you don’t live nearby to a club. Or you already have enough hobbies. Or you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it. That’s ok, because Surf Life Saving WA offers all of the above education programs to the broader community, not just club members. 

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