BeachSAFE: Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness means dealing with and avoiding emergency situations.

Would you know how to handle an emergency if your day at the beach with your friends suddenly went pear-shaped? Or would you know how to avoid an emergency situation all together? If not, don’t fret, because SLSWA is here to help.

  • Community Surf Rescue Certificates - Surf Life Saving WA offers Community Surf Rescue training, where you learn how to identify potential coastal dangers and also perform surf rescue in the event of an emergency. Enrol now.
  • Ocean Paddling: Be Safe - SLSWA worked with Canoeing WA and the Department of Sport and Recreation to bring you a safety framework to think about if you are a keen ocean paddler. 
  • Kite Boarding: Be Safe - SLSWA worked with the WA Kite Surfing Association and the Department of Sport and Recreation to bring you not only a safety framework but also an event management guideline. So if you’re thinking about running a kite boarding event with your mates, or perhaps something more competitive, click here to get your guidelines.
  • Don’t Put Your Life on The Line - Did you know rock fishing is one of the most dangerous sports in Australia? While it can be done quite safely, rock fishermen are at higher risk of drowning at the WA coast. To view rock fishing safety tips in a range of languages and to see which tackle shops you can get life jackets for free loan, click here.



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