But I know how to swim, so I'm sorted right?

BeachSAFE is not just about swimming.

Knowing how to swim is great, and if you were a diligent kid and did all your swimming lessons throughout primary school and can showcase a solid breaststroke, then that’s fantastic. But there are many risks involved in being in the ocean.

  • Are your swimming skills strong enough to say, get you out of a rip? 
  • Could you look at the water and know whether this beach has safer conditions than the beach down the road?
  • Could you drag your mate out of the water if they were drowning?
  • Could you administer first aid and CPR and perhaps save their life?
  • And what about other activities on the water, like boating, fishing, kiteboarding… do you do any of those? (Or maybe you do all of those. If so, that’s a lot of hobbies. Good for you.)

All these things are a great and fun way to spend your weekend, but do you know how to do them all safely? And would you know what to do if something went wrong on your boat? Or on your kite board? Would you know how to get yourself out a dangerous situation if your weekend fishing trip suddenly went pear-shaped?

If you answered no to these, that’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up.

You’re in the majority of West Australians who could do with a few tips when it comes to beach safety.

Pretty lucky we’re here, really… 



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