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Integrity in Sport

Safeguarding the integrity in sport is a holistic approach that needs to be adopted by all athletes, coaches, officials and further support staff.   Integrity in sport is a quintessential belief of the organisation with values such as mateship; camaraderie and teamwork consider pillars under this framework.

Surf Life Ssaving WA expects all members involved in lifesaving surf sports to co-operate to ensure a positive public image and to participate in a spirit of goodwill and sportsmanship. Any incidents or behaviour likely to cause embarrassment or damage to the reputation and/or image of SLSA or lifesaving competition will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. Penalties may include censure, expulsion of individuals, teams and/or clubs from competition and/or the competition venue and/or other penalties deemed appropriate. SLSWA expects the highest standard of behaviour of its competitors, officials and members.

These expectations are reflected in SLSWA's constitution, bulletins and the SLSA Surf Sports Manual. Clubs and their members are required to abide by SLSA rules. Any breaches will be reported to the Referee who will initiate action. Unbecoming behaviour by a club and/or its team members is a serious offence and will be dealt with as such. Any action by an individual or team during the course of a race or competition or which attempts to disrupt or interfere with another individual or team is a serious offence and will be dealt with as such.

The general behaviour of all participants will be measured by the following SLSA Code of Fair Play:

SLSWA will:

  • Promote and encourage fair play by and through its members.
  • Impress upon competitors, coaches, officials and administrators the need to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship in lifesaving surf sports.
  • Ensure that SLSA's rules are fair, clearly understood by competitors, coaches, officials and administrators, and properly enforced.
  • Make every effort to ensure that SLSA's rules are applied consistently and impartially.
  • Treat all members equally, regardless of gender, race, age or physical characteristics.

SLSWA Officials will:

  • Abide by the rules and the spirit of competition.
  • Be honest, fair, and ethical in dealing with others.
  • Be professional in appearance, action, and language.
  • Resolve conflicts fairly and promptly through established procedures.
  • Maintain strict impartiality.
  • Maintain a safe environment for others.
  • Be respectful and considerate of others.
  • Be a positive role model.

Competitors will:

  • Abide by the rules and the spirit of competition.
  • Accept and respect the decisions of referees and judges without question or complaint.
  • Never consider cheating and in particular, not attempt to improve their individual performance by the use of drugs.
  • Exercise reasonable self-control at all times.
  • Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, with grace and magnanimity.
  • Treat their fellow competitors and team members with respect, both in and outside the competition arena.

Team Managers and Coaches will:

  • Insist that competitors understand and abide by the principles of fair play.
  • Never countenance the use of drugs by competitors.
  • Never employ methods of practices that could involve risks, however slight, to the long term health or physical development of their competitors.
  • Not to attempt to manipulate the rules in order to take advantage of their competitors or their opponents.
  • Respect the regulations and authority of SLSA and SLSWA, and not attempt to avoid or circumvent these regulations.
  • Recognise the special role that they have to play in the establishment of standards by setting a good example of sportsmanship at all times.
  • Respect the rights of other teams and never deliberately act in a manner intended to be to the detriment of another team.
  • Respect the rights of competitors, coaches, officials and not exploit or deliberately act in a manner detrimental to them.
  • Not endeavour to influence the result of a competition by any action not strictly within the rules and regulations, or within the fundamental precepts of fair play.

Supporters and Spectators will:

  • Respect the regulations and authority of SLSWA and not attempt to avoid or circumvent these regulations.
  • Accept the authority of referees and judges to make decisions.
  • Abide by the spirit of the competition.
  • Exercise reasonable self-control at all times.
  • Be respectful and considerate in interactions with others.
  • Acknowledge the performance of all involved in the competition with grace and magnanimity.

Abuse/Inappropriate Behaviour

In addition to the Code of Behaviour outlined above, any member who abuses an official, a competitor, SLS member or member of the public at an SLSWA competition, carnival or event may be excluded or disqualified from that competition, carnival or event. For the purposes of this rule "abuse" includes making direct or implied threats or behaving in an inappropriate manner as determined by the Referee and/or the relevant official(s) in their absolute discretion.

Competing Unfairly

A competitor or team may be disqualified if a competitor, team or handler is deemed to have competed unfairly. Examples of competing unfairly include:

  • Competing without entry or for another club without clearance or transfer.
  • Competing without membership, award, or proficiency or patrol hour obligation eligibility.
  • Impersonating another competitor.
  • Attempting to defeat the ballot or draw for events or positions.
  • Competing twice in the same individual event.
  • Competing twice in the same event in different teams.
  • Using equipment in competition not meeting SLSA specifications.
  • Purposely interfering with a course to gain an advantage.
  • Jostling or obstructing another competitor or handler so as to impede their progress.
  • Receiving physical or other outside assistance (other than verbal or other direction except where specifically excluded by the rules of the event).
  • Competing contrary to the specific direction of the Referee or designated official.

Luck of Prevailing Conditions

Competitors acknowledge and agree that:

  • Surf Lifesaving competitions and the conduct of, and participation in, such competitions can and will be affected by the surf conditions.
  • There is often an element of luck of the prevailing conditions in entering and competing in surf lifesaving competitions.
  • A protest or appeal on an incident is not available to them when the incident is caused by the conditions of the surf.
  • The Referee and/or relevant official(s) have absolute discretion as to whether the incident has been caused by the luck of the competition or the prevailing conditions


Anti-doping education is a pro-active measure designed to safeguard the integrity of surf lifesaving and to ensure that clubs, athletes and officials know their responsibilities with regard to anti-doping.

Check your substances -
Asada E-Learning -

Western Australian clubs can now participate in a two-hour education seminar that covers:
•Roles and responsibilities
•Anti-doping Rule Violations
•The Prohibited List
•Checking your substances
•Supplement usage
•Strict Liability awareness
•Therapeutic use exemptions
•Drug testing process

For more information on your responsibilities or to express interest in participating in a seminar, please contact the SLSWA Member Development Officer Joshua Drummond on (08) 9207 6666

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